Open Submissions

Sanguine Press is preparing to open for rolling submissions to the quarterly e-zine, Dreamers & Makers.

Short stories must be 3,000 words or less. Artwork must be in a digital format that can be displayed within a standard web browser.

Submissions: Opening No Later than March 31st  June 30th

Theme: Defiance/Obedience

What is the cost of defiance and who really ends up paying? What do we give up in unquestioned obedience, and is it tantamount to capitulation?

Explore as you will, how you will.

Story characters must be predominantly People of Color. 

We are particularly interested in featuring art and stories from POC and are open to all explorations of intersectionality. 

Genres: Sci-fi, Fantasy, or Horror (no poetry, please)

Pay: $120 per story or art piece

Contract Overview: Our contract covers the right to publish your story or art online at Sanguine Press. We ask for exclusive rights for one year, and non-exclusive after that. A full contract will be provided upon acceptance into the ezine.

No multiple submissions: Please only send us one story at a time, and wait for a response before sending another. We’re excited to get to read your work, but as a small team we have to do all we can to give as many authors as possible a fair chance to be read.

No simultaneous submissions: If you decide to submit to another publisher, please send us a note and withdraw your submission here, first. We ask this only because of time constraints, and this policy may change in the future when our staff expands.

No previously-published works: We’re thrilled to have published authors submit their work for consideration! But please, no work that has already been published elsewhere.

Note: Yes, it takes us a (sometimes very) long time to get back to people on their submissions. We know and are working to get faster/better. Stay patient and we love you!