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Transitions and Awakenings delights readers with 10 tales spanning Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror with the unifying theme of No Regrets.

Explore the depths of space, frost-filled forests, desert wastelands and the busy thrum of city streets with characters that are memorable and engaging throughout.


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Theme: Defiance/Obedience

What is the cost of defiance and who really ends up paying? What do we give up in unquestioned obedience, and is it tantamount to capitulation?

Give in, give up, or go all out--we want to see it all.

Story characters must be predominantly People of Color. 


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We're looking for POC artists and designers to create the cover for our next anthology, and for ezine artwork going forward.

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Theme: Betrayal & Redemption

What do we risk in betraying those closest to us? What path is there to reconciliation if trust is broken? And what feeling is more satisfying than a double-cross richly deserved?

As always, story characters must be predominantly People of Color. 


We’re Still Here. Are You Still With Us?

By ereika | 0 Comments

I have a lot that I need to say here, but first I will reiterate what I posted on our Indiegogo campaign last month. Namely, we’re still working hard, we’re getting the anthology out as quickly as we can, and we’re looking forward to bringing you a lot more stories in the coming year. To…

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We have a winner!

By ereika | 0 Comments

Leona Ashton, please check your email and get back to me. 🙂

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Modest Goals, Big Dreams, and Bigger Realities

By ereika | 6 Comments

Two days and counting! When I first started this, I thought we’d get anywhere from 50-60 submissions. Maybe 100 if something wild happened and the word got out more than expected. Instead, we’re at 221 submissions, with more coming in everyday. At the current rate, it’s conceivable that we’ll have 250 stories and that is so amazing and…

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