Introductions are Hard, Okay?

The people behind Sanguine Press are Ereika Collins, Alice K. Moxley, and Bernard McGhee. Some semblance of biographical information can be found below.

About Ereika

Ereika's Picture

I was unsure about this look til the husband dubbed it 'elf hair'.

Yup, some kind of professional biography thing is supposed to go in this spot. Let's see... I'm 37 years old, an avid gamer (RPGs mostly) and by day I am an independent online marketing consultant for small businesses.

I love science fiction, fantasy, and horror -- that encompasses both literature and movie preferences -- and I have a particular fascination with themes of transformation and metamorphosis.

My reasons for wanting to start my own publishing house are numerous, but it boils down to wanting to provide a platform for the kinds of stories I like to read, while reaching out to others to help make those stories a success in a wider marketplace.

I believe that elevating stories about people of color into the mainstream adds to the discourse of society in important ways, and at the same time makes it easier for people who are interested in these unique perspectives to find and enjoy them.

About Alice

I’m Alice, I’m British and 33 years old. I like to create things, whether that is through writing or one of the many crafts I dabble with. I crochet, bead, sew, and try desperately not to fall into a further craft obsession. I spend my day job working as an engineer for a manufacturing company, and any free time left over is dedicated to video games.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been an avid reader. I lost count of the amount of times it got me into trouble at school, from reading ahead in class books to trying to take out library books meant for much older readers. I prefer fantasy and horror, but I will happily read anything. I will always have a special place in my heart for steampunk.

When Ereika first told me about her idea for this publishing house, I was more than happy to offer to help. I am tired of reading the mainstream adventures of cookie cutter white protagonist #0034972, and an opportunity to read and enjoy work with a variety of characters with different backgrounds and cultures was too good to be true.