We’re Still Here. Are You Still With Us?

I have a lot that I need to say here, but first I will reiterate what I posted on our Indiegogo campaign last month. Namely, we’re still working hard, we’re getting the anthology out as quickly as we can, and we’re looking forward to bringing you a lot more stories in the coming year. To…

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Modest Goals, Big Dreams, and Bigger Realities

Transitions & Awakenings Coming Soon

Two¬†days and counting!¬†When I first started this, I thought we’d get anywhere from 50-60 submissions. Maybe 100 if something wild happened and the word got out more than expected. Instead, we’re¬†at 221 submissions, with more coming in everyday. At the current rate, it’s conceivable that we’ll have 250 stories and that is so amazing and…

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Support and Community Building

Today I had planned on writing a post about crowdfunding and potential¬†subscription options, but after watching the Brexit vote, I think I’m going to discuss community building instead. Here’s the thing: I like to think that creative people are instinctively builders. We’re curious and expressive, even those of us introverts who are energized by alone…

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Imagination, imagery, and jumping the line

artist header cropped

Editor’s note: This post will be a bit shorter than the last two, but I want to get some info out there on the artist submissions and the community groups. Artist Submissions – Coming Soon! Over the last couple of¬†months I’ve gotten a few inquiries from artists asking if we’ll be having a gallery or…

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On finding our voice as a publisher


“If you want ___, make it/do it yourself…” I’ve heard that statement about¬†everything from video games to art to books and stories. It’s a typical response¬†almost any time I’ve¬†brought up the fact that I’d like to see more people who look like me in the spaces that I frequent. And while I’m not going to…

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