One Week In: Anticipation, Delight, and a Further Invitation

ent-tertaining book

ent-tertaining bookWhen the first submission hit our inboxes this week, I was absolutely elated. That feeling hasn’t faded as more and more people have shared their stories with us, and one week in I am pleasantly surprised and completely delighted that our little publication is already getting attention from some very talented writers.

We’re enjoying reading your stories and can’t wait for more. To those of you who have already submitted, thank you! To those of you thinking about submitting: Do it!

New authors, previously-published authors, female authors, POC authors, LGBT authors – we welcome you ALL.

I’d originally planned to write something longer and with a great deal of introspection and whatnot, but I think this is better. You guys keep writing, we’ll keep reading, and together we’ll create something amazing.

— Ereika