This Week’s Update – March 18th!

Much quicker status update for this week:

  • More stories coming in: We’re busy reading and reviewing, as we still haven’t filled all slots in our anthology.
  • Working on contracts! People who have been accepted should get their contracts and information request forms next week (so excited!)
  • Gathering intel: We’ve gotten stories from all across the globe and we’re putting together a quick post to share with you around the types of stories we’ve received so far.
  • Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You! In the next two weeks, we’ll be starting the author interviews (thanks so much to everyone that’s responded!) so questionnaires will be going out soon.
  • More stuff soon… 

If you know someone who writes great stories featuring POC, please send them our way. Next month I’ll be posting our publishing roadmap and we’ll have more opportunities for people to be featured on the site and published here as well.