Quick Updates!

Bet you thought I forgot! Nope, just cutting it almost too close for comfort. Here’s where we are this week:

  • First round of responses to people who have sent in stories – done! We’ve responded to about 20% of the nearly 100 people who have submitted so far (wow, you guys, wow!) and are going through the rest as quickly as we can while still giving each¬†story the attention and consideration it deserves.
  • Email updates – in progress! Some of you may receive an email from me asking about your interest in the podcasts that I mentioned last Tuesday. If you haven’t already filled out the little survey below, please do. Next week I’ll have potential topics for our first podcast, and all authors are welcome to chime in. Also important to note – we’ll have guest authors from all over, whether or not you are selected for our first anthology. Our stories matter. Our voices matter. We want to hear from you all.
  • Springing forward, reluctantly! “Losing” an hour of sleep is a terrible thing. I do not approve – that is all.


Until next week!