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What a Wild Ride

warp speed

We’ve got nine days left and counting before submissions close! And this post marks the first in that ‘flurry’ of updates that I hinted about earlier. Ready? Here’s what we’ve been up to: Reading, reading and more reading! As of this moment (4:38 am, Central Time), we have 199 total submissions. This is In. Sane. (And I…

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Updates For March 28th, 2016

All paperwork for people who have been accepted has been e-mailed! If you haven’t received yours, please drop us a line using the contact form. More updates later this week, thanks!

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This Week’s Update – March 18th!

Much quicker status update for this week: More stories coming in: We’re busy reading and reviewing, as we still haven’t filled all slots in our anthology. Working on contracts! People who have been accepted should get their contracts and information request forms next week (so excited!) Gathering intel: We’ve gotten stories from all across the globe and…

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A Thank You from the Editor’s Desk

Editor’s note: This is not my promised weekly update. If you are looking for that, hang tight as it will be up later this week. Today, I lost a friend. Aaron Rand Freeman, one of the hosts over at TWiB, turned in his resignation. (If you are at all interested in Black Media, I wholeheartedly…

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Quick Updates!

Bet you thought I forgot! Nope, just cutting it almost too close for comfort. Here’s where we are this week: First round of responses to people who have sent in stories – done! We’ve responded to about 20% of the nearly 100 people who have submitted so far (wow, you guys, wow!) and are going…

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Updates, Flu Bugs, and Marching Towards Spring

Have you ever seen the old cartoons where the hero rolls a tiny snowball down a snow-covered hill and by the time it reaches the bottom, it’s a monster snowball ready to engulf the town?  In the interest of not ending up at the bottom of the hill in a metaphorical snow-covered splat, I’ve put together this week’s post…

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